Queer Patterns Book Gift Set

Queer Patterns Book Gift Set
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Queer Patterns 1965 (copyright 1935)
by Lilyan Brock
(Pseudonym of Josiah Pitts Woolfolk)

Josiah Pitts Woolfolk (1894–1971) was a successful pulp novelist and non-fiction author of the 1930s and 1940s. Woolfolk circulated in social circles that included many who were speculated to be homosexual;  Author James Branch Cabell, composers Igor Stravinski and George Antheil, Winston Churchill.

Statuesque Sheila Case is the central character in this fascinating pulp lesbian fiction story about a young actress who is drawn to women and finds many women attracted to her. These attractions can be intriguing, even useful, as playwright Sheila hires her to work in the harsh and competitive theater world. Sheila knew she had a crush on Nicoli from the first moment she met her. Cool and deliberately sensual, Nicoli allowed the attraction to develop into a deeply passionate affair both women were powerless to control. Before long, though, the dangerous game Sheila is playing to advance her career threatens to trap her in the very web she has woven, and ensnare the lovers in the glare of gossip, rumor and ostracism.

Against the backdrop of the theatre world, Queer Patterns is a story of powerful attraction, passionate love and the lengths to which two women will go to protect it against all odds.

"It was difficult for Nicoli to keep her eyes on the papers before her and as the evening wore on, they strayed more and more to Sheila's lovely face, until Nicoli felt certain that she too must feel the magnetism in the air about them. Surely she must sense the presence of the force that seemed to be drawing them together, urging them into each other's arms".

What's included:
"Queer Patterns" Lesbian Book Gift Set is elegantly gift wrapped in lavender organza and includes an ORIGINAL collectible lesbian pulp fiction paperback (NOT a reproduction), a custom designed pulp bookmark and a 1 inch Lesbian Pulp Fun Button. These rare collectible lesbian pulpfiction novels, available in limited quantities, are over 50 years old.

Making the Cut

All books must pass a rigid set of standards. Many rare books do not survive in good condition. We inspect each paperback and include only those that are graded VG/VG+ (Very Good) by traditional bookseller standards into our lesbian gift sets. They have no tears, marks or rips. 

Where do the books come from?

We search our butts off! We scour book fairs, auctions, private collections and conventions to create these perfect lesbian gifts. We contact booksellers and book collectors from the USA, Canada and parts of Europe. We are excited to have copies of Lesbian Pulp Fiction that have survived in excellent condition. Make one of them yours!

Are these newly released reprints?
No, Lavender Pulp sells rare authentic vintage collectible paperback lesbian novels, NOT reproductions. Available only in limited quantities, these rare lesbian books are over 50 years old.