Women's Barracks Gift Set

Women's Barracks Gift Set
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Women's Barracks Gift Set
This quasi-autobiographical work by Tereska Torres was the first paperback best-seller that proved that there was a market for lesbian fiction selling over four million copies. Used in many women's studies classes at major universities because of its significance as the forerunner of lesbian pulp fiction.

What's included:
The Women's Barracks lesbian book Gift Set is elegantly gift wrapped in organza and includes the ORIGINAL collectible lesbian 1950s-60s paperback (NOT a reproduction), a custom designed pulp bookmark and a 1 inch Fun Button.

These rare collectible paperback novels, available in limited quantities are over 50 years old. All books in the LavenderPulp gift sets must pass a rigid set of standards. They have no tears, marks or rips. We inspect each paperback and include only those that are graded VG/VG+ (Very Good) by traditional bookseller standards.

A teenager and her family must flee Paris for Spain during WWII. Later she joins the French Free Forces to avenge her father and save her country from the Nazis. This thoughtfully written novel tells the story of life in the women's barracks and the various love stories between the women who live there. This forerunner of the Golden Era of Lesbian Pulp is a must-have for any book collector.

What are "Real" Lesbian Pulps?

Our goal is to track down only those written by women, geared toward the lesbian community since many 1950s lesbian pulps were written under pseudonyms, marketed to the general public. 

Where do the books come from?

We search our butts off! We scour book fairs, auctions, private collections and conventions to create these perfect lesbian gifts. We contact booksellers and book collectors from the USA, Canada and parts of Europe. We are excited to have several copies of Women's Barracks that have survived in excellent condition. Make one of them yours!

Are these newly released reprints?
No, Lavender Pulp sells rare AUTHENTIC vintage collectible paperback lesbian novels, NOT reproductions. Available only in limited quantities, these rare lesbian books are over 50 years old. 

Making the Cut

All books must pass a rigid set of standards. Many rare books do not survive in good condition. We inspect each paperback and include only those that are graded VG/VG+ (Very Good) by traditional bookseller standards into our lesbian gift sets. They have no tears, marks or rips.

Beginnings of Gay Rights:
In 1952 the House Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials cited the book as causing moral degeneracy. However, the following year there was a successful legal battle in which a Minnesota Court decided the book did NOT have a substantial tendency to deprave or corrupt.